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Languages : English-French, French-English.

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Translation & Proofreading

Documents of all types, whether of administrative, legal, economic, commercial or industrial nature, or more specialised (e.g. pharmaceutical, security/defense, etc...), in French and/or English.

Face-to-face interpretation

Linguistic support for leaders, corporate executives or public figures, in confidential and/or sensitive negotiations, in French and/or English.

Custom-designed linguistic coaching

Assistance and support in drafting documents, in French and/or English. Public speaking: preparation, improvement and rehearsal of speeches, in French and/or English.

Quality is key for us

Tradinterprèt is about high-level and tailor-made services, combining seriousness and professionalism.

Tradinterprèt is the guarantee to work with reliable and skilled partners, who take an accurate and high-quality approach at each stage of their production process.

Tradinterprèt offers competive rates and fast turnaround.

Tradinterprèt is finally the possibility to book in advance a service in order to help you secure your own deadlines.

N.B.: Your data is naturally dealt with the utmost confidentialty, as a core part of our mission.

Our objectives are your objectives

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They trust us

Responsiveness, thoroughness, punctuality, and a true legal touch in translation work at a competitive rate. I was thrilled to find all this working with TradInterpret.
The start of a new partnership. Well done!

Benoit Duvieusart, Partner, Duvieusart Ebel Law Firm, Luxembourg,