Founder’s Introduction

Catherine Beaujour

Founder & General Manager

The combination of the multi-talented and multi-experienced team of Tradinterprèt, together with the thorough expertise of its dedicated associates make it possible to provide, to each and every client, the best possible tailor-made and outstanding service, while taking your deadlines into account as a pre-condition to the proper implementation of any project.

Catherine Beaujour, polyglot, linguist and passionate about languages.


Tradinterprèt, a language services company, is the embodiment of a passion for languages that has always driven me.
In a global and multicultural world, Languages are not only an important tool of communication but also, in my opinion, a highly effective instrument for the socio-economic development of our modern society.
Today, with over 25 years of professional practice, I have realized, through Tradinterprèt, the synthesis of experiences acquired in order to best serve the interests of my clients. Indeed, I have worked as an International Business Lawyer for 10 years, then held the positions of General Counsel, Executive Director and Director, in the fields of industry, services, security and safety, and also banking and finance.
Tradinterprèt and its team are delighted to provide you their expertise on a day-to-day basis, whether for translation, interpretation, negociation, or preparation for international conferences, or publications of multilingual works.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our mission is our passion

Our teams are driven by a real passion for their mission, whether in the translation, interpretation or linguistic coaching field.
We are committed to getting to know our customers, their business processes and specific needs thoroughly to ensure that we always serve them better.

We place understanding and pedagogy
at the heart of our actions.

Our objectives are your objectives  

  • Become your trusted business partner throughout the life of your company; and,
  • Support you so that you get the best possible linguistic advice in a demanding world.

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They trust us

Responsiveness, thoroughness, punctuality, and a true legal touch in translation work at a competitive rate. I was thrilled to find all this working with TradInterpret.
The start of a new partnership. Well done!

Benoit Duvieusart, Partner, Duvieusart Ebel Law Firm, Luxembourg,